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Quality assurance

Our internal procedures are in place to guarantee that accurate translation in delivered to you on time. Stages implemented to achieve this goal are outlined below:

  1. We receive your materials and give you a free quote.
  2. Once rates and deadlines have been agreed, your project becomes assigned to a translator whose expertise matches the subject area. All reference materials and translation memories, if any, are collected for use by translator at this stage.
  3. Project manager constantly monitors translation progress. If there are issues of any kind, they are addressed immediately.
  4. Upon completion, translated files are delivered to the project manager. The project manager makes sure all necessary files have been submitted, and passes them on to another linguist for proofreading. (Depending on the project, files may need to be edited prior to proofreading.)
  5. Project manager receives proofread files and performs a brief final quality check. After that, he sends you finalized files and makes sure you receive them safely.